Blackjack is one of the most frequently played betting entertainment around the globe. It is simple, rather quick, and does not demand special knowledge or experience. Anyone can play and enjoy it.

But how to win this game without damaging your budget? Well, there are a host of strategies on how to beat blackjack effortlessly and constantly. But we are going to introduce the most reliable ones. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Basic Betting Strategy

The basic method implies you have to regulate your budget thoroughly. The fundamental rules are the next:

  • Think over how much you are in a position to deposit and gamble away (lose).
  • Your bets should not exceed one thousandth of your overall budget.
  • Be certain you obtain 30-32 minimal bets in cash before the game session starts (for instance, if your minimum wager is $10, cash out $300-320).
  • Begin with small wagers (The majority of online gambling platforms have pretty low minimums. For example, playing at Cookie Casino the minimum bet for blackjack is $1).
  • You may change the minimum bet according to your current situation and changes in the bankroll.

Martingale Scheme

We would suggest this strategy to risky players mainly. It implies every time the dealer gets 21 and your bet loses, you multiply your wager. Sure, the odds of losing are high. But once you win a hand, you are at a huge advantage. 

Conservative Method

This plan on winning blackjack is considered to be the safest one, and suits cautious bettors perfectly. Every time your bet wins, you increase your following stake. You may multiply it or simply add a few more dollars, it is not specified. And vice versa, every time your bet loses, you either do not change the sum of your stake or decrease it.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

This is a progressive method of gambling in casino games. Its principles are simple: if you win, you multiply your original stake by the next number in a sequence. If you lose, you wager the same amount. Let us say, you place $1, it is the 1st unit in the sequence. Obtaining a winning hand, you are supposed to bet $3 (x3) next time. Then, $2 (x2). And finally, $6 (x6). The probabilities of losing are still high, but you are in a position to recover after losses relying on this system. 


Blackjack is a kind of mix of math, logic, predictions, and a bit of luck. If you know how to control and spend your funds, and have a clue of the most usable strategies, you stand a good chance to beat blackjack. Of course, winning every time is almost impossible, but we hope all the strategies we have mentioned above will improve your odds of getting a reward. Good luck and have fun!

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