Poker is one of the most popular games in casinos. With this terminology you will play the tables as if you were an expert at cards.

“All in” or “go my remainder”.

This is when a player decides to bet all the chips they have in a single hand, as long as it is within the maximum limits that exist at the table. Once a player has bet all in, he can no longer buy chips, and if there are more bets, a pot is made to which he is not entitled.

Ante or buy-in

The ante is the right to play. At the start of the game, each player must pay his starting “fee”, otherwise he will not be able to play. The ante is the first bet that is placed on the table and no matter what happens you must place it.


This is the action that some players do to pretend that they have a better hand than they actually have. The aim of this is to “scare” the other competitors so that they decide to leave the game and the player who bluffs wins even though he has a bad hand.


After each card dealt you can place a new bet, in which you raise the pot of what is being played at the table. Once you ante you are dealt a pair of cards and then you can place a new bet each time you get new cards.


This term refers to matching the bet of another player at the table, i.e. when a player prior to your turn has raised the bet by an amount, you must decide whether to “call” and pay that difference so that everyone is betting the same amount, or leave the game.

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Words and phrases you need to know in a casino

Here are the most important words you need to master before you start gambling.

Arriving at a casino for the first time is quite an experience: the lights, the voices and the sound of the chips make us very excited; however, it also makes us nervous, because all casinos use terms that are familiar to frequent customers, but not to newcomers.

If you’re coming the first time, here are some of the expressions you need to know.

Buy in

When you sit down at a table to play, you need to exchange cash for chips for each hand. The money you “buy in” chips with is called buy in, a term that is also used at the poker tables, in which case it refers to the initial bet.

Bet or betting limit

This is the betting limit for each table or machine and refers to how many maximums or minimums there are for each hand. For example, when you sit down at the Blackjack tables you will see a sign that says “Betting limit” and the amount it says there is the minimum amount you must bet on each hand.


This refers to the chips you play with at the tables, which are of different denominations. Each casino has a different design that usually includes the name of the venue. For ease of use, they also have a different colour depending on their value.

Croupier or dealer

Actually, croupier and dealer are the same thing, only the former is in French and the latter in English. Both terms refer to the person who deals the cards at the tables or who is in charge of the roulette wheel or the dice, depending on the table you are playing at. It is customary for tables to change the dealer after a certain amount of time so that you don’t feel like you’re falling on hard times because of him.

Face cards

This expression does not refer to the face you make when you play, but to the cards that have a face or figure on them (not numbers), so they are also called “figure cards” and are basically the J, Q and K of the deck.

Double or nothing

This is a type of bet in which if you guess right you get double what you were playing, but if you don’t, you get nothing.

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